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Your parents have been complaining that you don’t come to the Sunday family meals any more. Little do they know that as a spy at The Agency, you are assigned several undercover missions and have to leave at a moment’s notice.

Just take this latest mission for example, who would’ve thought you would be spending New Year’s in Alaska? However, since this was a priority mission, only the best of the best agent was needed – which is you!

You have been at The Last Frontier for a week now, and your job is to break open an animal poaching ring that is targeting wolverine, bear, and elk. Since you are undercover as an animal expert, all you have on you is your Galaxy S8 that is snugly fit in its Ghostek Atomic 3 Series waterproof case.

During your stakeouts, you did get a chance to see the faces of the poachers. However, the only problem is you do not have the evidence needed to get them arrested. Which is exactly what you are doing on New Year’s – sitting alone in a van and collecting evidence. The Ghostek waterproof case gives you easy access to the quick camera button, which helps you click pictures extremely fast.

After spending a few more days gathering all the evidence that you need, you are finally ready to take these poachers in. Now, it is just a sitting game for you. True, you do not possess any firearms at all, but you do not need them. Just your phone in the Ghostek waterproof case is more than enough for you to take them down – that is how skilled you truly are. You see them approaching and get out of the van, ready for some action.

You render the first two poachers unconscious very easily – they didn’t know what hit them. The others are on guard right now, one of them approaches you with his machete but you somehow manage to disarm him. The next two attack together, which is when your phone slips out of your hand and falls in a puddle. After taking care of the poachers with some nifty kicks and punches that Brian O’Connor from Fast and Furious would be impressed with, you pick up your phone from the puddle.

Of course, you are not worried about the phone at all because the Ghostek waterproof case will keep it safe. You not only have the poachers in custody, but you also have more than enough evidence to lock them up for years. Another successful mission! Good riddance!


Designed by Ghostek® in New York






  • Strong Aluminum Alloy Bumper 
  • Heavy Duty Touch Sensitive Screen Guard 
  • Touch ID Compatible 
  • 6 Different Color Alloy Bumpers with Clear Backs to Choose From 
  • Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible 
  • Tested For Up To 1-Meter Deep & 30 Minutes in the Water 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it.

50+ clienți au cumpărat deja

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Ghostek - Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case Atomic 3 Series, Black (GHOCAS609)

Bardzo dobra obudowa. Telefon wypadł mi z ręki już następnego dnia po założeniu obudowy :)). Oczywiście nic mu się nie stało.
Dobrze chroni. Dopasowana do wygiętego ekranu.
Trochę powiększa wymiary telefonu i jego wagę.